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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Prague: From Touchy Feely to a Convent

Hope you've gotten the sense by now how much we loved Prague. If in doubt, you can follow our pictorial journey below to discover some more of the city with us.

Czech Senate: On the way to Little Quarter’s Church of St. Nicholas and just happened to glance through an open, very small doorway and went through it. Saw a beautiful garden first and then off to our left a lovely fountain and then a large amphitheater complete with columns and masses of chairs set up; about 15 teens, obviously choir members, seemed to be practicing for a concert. We didn’t go into any of the office buildings, only the grounds. What a lovely treat!

Nope, no bones this time, I assure you;
just a grotto in the Senate grounds.

Church of St. Nicholas: The Jesuit centerpiece of the Little Quarter Square; you may recall seeing the photo(s) of the church with the same name from the Old Quarter post? Another gorgeous church - words fail me to describe its beauty.

The 2 signs/prayers above were on a pew in front of the Blessed Virgin.

Alfons Mucha Exhibit: He's known for his striking stained glass window in St. Vitus Cathedral and also very famous for his posters of Sarah Bernhardt (google them and you’ll recognize his work right away!); also paintings of his in Prague's Municipal House. We had come to see to see his Slav Epic, 20 enormous canvases depicting momentous events of Slavic history, but got sidetracked by a New Age performance of touchy feely movement accompanied by music that I watched for a while before seeing Mucha’s paintings.

Andrew, this 90 minute performance would
 have been more your cup of tea, but
I am still glad I saw as much as I did.
The photo gives you an idea of the scope
of the museum too.

Just small details from the canvases.

Again, just details from the large canvases.

Municipal Building: Located just off Old Town Square, it’s famous for its Alfons Mucha painting and the number of classical music concerts held here.

Museum of Medieval Art: The best Gothic art in the country located in St. Agnes Convent. Posters on Trip Advisor were flabbergasted that such a first rate museum was so devoid of visitors because if it had been located instead in Madrid or Rome, it would have been packed. We found it absolutely spectacular and to be a real gem, all the more perhaps because I/we hadn’t known about it before coming to Prague. If you’re AT ALL interested in Medieval Art, this is certainly a DO NOT MISS place, it’s that great!

St. Charlemagne: Interesting how the frame
 is an integral part of the painting.

Couldn't resist taking a picture of this curly haired fellow!

Fascinating seeing triangular shaped paintings.

St. Agnes Convent: What was available for tourists to see was located in the basement of the Museum above; another don't miss if you can get to Prague, we thought. What a sense of so much peace and serenity walking around both the Museum and the Convent especially with virtually no visitors.

The 13th C. refectory.

Rose corsages in the middle of the floor; no idea why.

Mindy and Janina: Sure thought of you
both when seeing this sorry excuse for
a plant and how your green thumbs
would revive it!