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Sunday, October 5, 2014

A sunny day in Plovdiv

Last Wednesday, 10/1, was another relaxing day in Plovdiv as we saw a few more churches, the Amphitheater, read our kindles in another park in the morning and Steven’s returning to the bus station in the late afternoon to buy tickets for our morning trip to Edirne, our 1st stop in Turkey. He so thoughtfully brought me back a slightly melting ice cream cone from McDonald’s which I ate with relish. What a guy!

St Nedelya's Church was being renovated so only the chapel below was open.

Believe I mentioned previously that almost all the churches had outside fountains.

St. Demetrius Church below
Street scenes:
Saw street sweepers like this all over Romania and Bulgaria.

In the last post, I included information on the Roman Amphitheater but had omitted the photos so 

here they are finally. Haven't been to Rome so wonder how Plovdiv's Amphitheater compares to the
Eternal City.

 From the Roman Theater, we walked through the Kapana neighborhood next to Old
Town; for some reason, it’s known as The Trap! Saw the mural below there.

The Unification of Bulgaria Monument was created in 1985 to celebrate the 100th
anniversary of the country's founding. The Motherland is depicted with a laurel wreath
of victory in her hands and the open wings symbolize the 2 united parts of Bulgaria.

Happened on a fabulous flower and produce market on our way to Dondukov Park;
saw these beautiful hand knit socks and all sorts of other items for sale on the
sidewalk by the market.

Bulgaria must be a huge producer of honey as we've seen so many roadside stands and markets
selling lots of varities of honey.

What a wonderful time we had in Bulgaria from the interesting capital city of Sofia, to the many monasteries we toured, to meeting new friends, to the fabulous Roman ruins in Plovdiv and just spending time with Steven reading our kindles in the sun high above the city on a hill.