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Monday, August 11, 2014

Berlin: Schloss Charlottenburg on 8/6

Nice getting out of the downtown area after 2 long days seeing some pretty distressing and depressing sights in the former East Berlin and facing man's inhumanity to man again; it reminded us of our trip last fall and seeing the killing fields throughout Cambodia.  Touring a castle is certainly a sea change from all that!

Schloss Charlottenburg: We took the UBahn, i.e. the metro, as the schloss or castle was located pretty far west of the city; it's comprised of the main building, the Altes Schloss or old castle, a baroque Prussian palace built for Friedrich Wilhelm (F.W.) 1 and Sophie Charlotte and 3 smaller structures: the Neue (New) Pavilion designed for F.W. 111 as a summer refuge modeled on a village in Naples; Belvedere, built in 1788 as a teahouse for F.W 11; and the Mausoleum built in 1810 for the final resting place of Queen Luise but twice expanded to make room for other royals. 

Entering Schloss Charlottenburg's Altes Schloss

Me and my Adonis, aka Steven

Equestrian Statue of the Great Elector
 Photos from the Altes or Old Castle:

Loved this Porcelanin Chamber containing
many hundred of pieces of porcelain.

2600 pieces of silver on this table!
Sure glad I don't have the job of  polishing all that.

Views of the gorgeous Eosander Chapel 
 in the Schloss above and below.

Photos from the Neue or New Pavilion:

Took a break from being inside and enjoyed sandwiches on the adjacent Spandau River, then toured the exterior of the Schloss.

Now tell me - who wouldn't to eat lunch with Moby Dick going past you?

Views of the Schloss from the back.

Belvedere: There were indeed lots of other beautiful things to take pictures of inside but I didn't!

Mary Pat: don't these pieces of china from the 1800's
look exactly like the Portmeirion china we both love?!

The Mausoleum: No words are necessary.