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Friday, August 29, 2014

Brno's Macocha Abyss:The Biggest Gorge in Cental Europe

We'd come to Brno really to see the Macocha Abyss after reading pretty rave reviews about it on Trip Advisor. At 138 m deep it’s the deepest gorge in Central Europe. Got there after taking an early train and bus not knowing if we could get tickets to the caves and underground boat ride once we arrived but Lady Luck was on our side again, phew. Then hiked pretty well straight up a 3 km long trail to the summit for the wonderful views, then hiked down for our one hour cave and boat tour which left at 11 am.
Waiting in Blankso for the bus to
Macocha. Got a sense of how chilly it
was AND supposed to be IN the cave?

View of the abyss after hiking
up to the viewing platform.

One layer of clothing off!

i.e. the Punkva Caves that we had come to see.

Waiting for the cave tour;
 cold enough to weat gloves!
The Front Dome reached by discoverers in 1909.

Mirror Lake: Notice the castle on the mountain
below; we also saw a stone umbrella, weeping
willow and owls.

The Angel above and The Curtain
below or is it the other way around?!

From the summit, we had seen people way,
way down below; now we were those people.

On the boat now; sorry the pictures are blurry,
The guide's commentary was all in Czech as we
 seemed to be the only non Czechs; they laughed a
lot during the boat ride. Wonder what we missed!

Light at the end of the tunnel or, should I say, cave.
The tour would not be the place to go if you're at all
claustrophobic as the boat often came very close
to touching the sides; we had to duck our heads even as
 short as we are. Adam and Cheryl, you'd have had a
  tough time, I kept thinking.

Nice walk back to catch our bus to Blankso
 and then train to Brno.

How far we'd walked and hiked.