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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Warsaw's Lazienk Park on 8/16

After touring the Rising Museum, we walked a couple of miles to Lazienki Park, located in the SE part of Warsaw. Once a hunting ground attached to a castle, it's now popular with families, joggers and fans of classical music who come for Chopin concerts held on Sunday afternoons.

What a fantastic change spending a couple of hours seeing such beauty after such distressing sights in the Jewish areas and at the Rising Museum. Poor Steven was so upset because there were 'supposed' to be proud peacocks in the park according to my ourist info but alas, no peacocks were sighted!
The 'Fashion Police' aka Steven wisely said I needed to take
off my jacket because it clashed with the lovely flowers
I had to agree!

Just inside the Park was the University
of Warsaw Botanical Gardens - what an oasis of beauty.
These were actually what I think were wooden leaves;
a first for me in a setting like that for me.  We couldn't
resist taking the floral shots below at the Gardens.
Our cheap little Canon does the job nicely.

A story of a car, a happy couple and us:
We spent about 2 plus hours inthe park yet kept seeing
the happy couple throughout that time!
First this gorgeous car, then the happy couple below
in the Gardens, then enjoying their own tailgate party,
then watched them being serenaded
on the spur of the moment by a visiting choir,
then later being driven down the lovely boulevard
to the Belvedere. 

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Any guesses whom this picture is for!

At the Chopin monument  in the park.

Thought we'd been transported back to Beijing 
all of a sudden, but no, we were still in Warsaw.

Getting ready for a concert in the park's amphitheate.

The Belevedere: As a child prodigy, Chopin played here.
 Notice below indicating it was closed 
because of the wedding celebration

An amusing shot from the park to end the post.